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Ipswich High/Middle School Library Media Center: About the Library

Welcome to the Media Center Website

Library Book Checkout During 2020-2021 School Year

Library Policies

Librarian Zoom Hours this Year

    • Monday: 7:45-3:30 by Zoom Meeting

    • Tuesday: 7:45-2:30  by Zoom Meeting

    • Wednesday: CLOSED (Librarians are still available via Zoom)

    • Thursday: 7:45-3:30 by Zoom Meeting

    • Friday:7:45- 2:30 by Zoom Meeting

Librarian Zoom Meeting Room Link (copy and paste in your browser)


Students can check out up to 3 books, for 3 weeks and renewed as needed as long as nobody is waiting for the book you are wanting to renew.


Wondering whether you have any overdue books? Check your school email as the librarian sends out weekly overdue notices via school email.


Lost books are $10.00/Paperback---$20.00/Hardcover  unless other price noted to replace.




The Mission of the Ipswich Middle and High School Library Media Center is to teach students how to read, comprehend, and analyze information effectively and to encourage and empower students to be life-long 21st Century learners.and readers!

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Providing a library program that is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum and instructional practices

  • Delivering a variety of print and non-print materials, computer hardware and software, and other resources which fully support the school’s curriculum

  • Stimulating interest in reading for academic purposes and for personal enjoyment

  • Promoting the effective use of information and communications technology

  • Sharing many library resources to students through this website, which brings digital resources and information to students 24/7 from anywhere

Websites of interest

Social Media