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Ipswich High/Middle School Library Media Center

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Middle School Plagiarism Policy

"Plagiarism refers to stealing passing off as another’s work as your own.

First Offense: Parents will be notified; student will be expected to redo the assignment.

Second Offense: Parents will be notified; student will receive a grade of zero on the assignment; student will be expected to redo the assignment.” ---Ipswich Middle Student Handbook

High School Plagiarism Policy


"Plagiarism and cheating is not acceptable behavior. Once the incident is reported to an administrator, the student will receive a zero on the paper, exam, etc. and be suspended from school for 3 days, be ineligible to the National Honor Society for one year and be ineligible for the Distinguished Achievement Award for one year from the date of the offense. Leadership roles in clubs, activities or extra-curricular teams will be lost for the remainder of the school year and the following school year."

- from the Ipswich High School Student Parent Handbook